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Launch of amawebs

The importance of being present on the internet was becoming more and more evident to us. The question was, did the advertisement and its indexing, reach us?

This question was asked by every new customer visited by our advertising team.

Each month the inquiries increased. The small businesses wanted to have their own exclusive website.

Despite recurring requests from the commercial sector, we responded that this was not our priority. We had to focus on improving our advertisements, if we wanted to continue leading the market with the best ranking and the most cost-effective ads in the Yellow Pages on the Internet.

The orders continued, and our responses did not convince the commercial team, but as the commercial team are very persuasive, we created Amawebs, the AiYellow, Web Builder.


Exceeding expectations

Amawebs has almost 100,000 full sites totalling nearly 500 000 online pages. Amawebs has more than 5000 pre-designed templates with a large capacity for data storage, photos, videos and a builder, so simple that with three easy steps, advertisers can publish their websites on the Internet.

50 million stored photos and 12 servers online, with permanent backups, hosting service and sub-domains, are an inclusive part of Amawebs features.

The commercial team understands the needs of advertisers, and Amawebs is without a doubt, one of the most useful tools that we have.


Achieving 10 million Sites
2018 to 2021

Thinking about a small or medium sized company that is not using the advantage of having a website, is to imagine a company without a future.

We offer the opportunity to all businesses to participate in the AiYellow online Market-Place. Moreover there is no possible better way than to join the ad with the website, creating a synergy.

We have the technical ability and capacity to implement 10 million websites.

Our objective is to fund entire communities. Communities that were previously digitally excluded and disadvantaged on the Internet. With our pricing structure, we do not have competition in our Industry. We have unique advantages so that the Community may have an equal opportunity on the Internet platform. These campaigns will be implemented only in areas where there are AiYellow Brand Licenses.